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1-1 sessions available. Contact us for details



Pole Fitness

We offer both beginners and intermediate pole fitness classes, suitable for all abilities. Everyone is welcome to our classes even if you have no pole experience whatsoever. See our timetable for further details.


Heels class

This is an intermediate level class which explores current dynamic crowd pleasing floorwork/base pole tricks, that are currently trending, adapting them to meet your level and ability. For example, Kips (floor/pole assisted) Trust Fall variations, Back Spins (open/closed) Worms (floor/mid/standing/pole assisted) Russian push ups etc that can be integrated into your own personal style. Crissy will show you how to ‘fake kip’ it until you ‘make it,’ and ‘fake whip’ it until you can ‘flip it.’ Teaching you some cool little dynamic combos, static spins that look flippy but are attainable at this level that will add an extra wow factor to your dance.

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Stretch for Splitz

This is an all-levels class; you do not need to be flexible to join. This class was introduced as many pole dance students wanted to work towards attaining their splits and become more flexible on the floor and pole. This class is designed to help support students to work towards their front splits, straddle splits and box splits. This class specifically focuses on passive, active and dynamic stretch to help support students to reach their flexibility split goals on and off the pole.


Aerial Hoop

This class is designed for complete beginners and students who have mastered the very basics of aerial hoop. No aerial or fitness experience needed. In this class you will learn the basics of aerial hoop as well as combinations of beginners moves. This includes how to enter and exit the hoop safely as well as execute some beautiful shapes and combinations including Delilah variations, star in the bar, under bar shapes and basic shapes inside the hoop as well as basic rolls and exits.

This class is highly recommended for people who want to try something different or learn a new skill.

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